Re-Konnect是一系列帶有圖像和視頻的大氣音樂作品,可在COVID-19及以後的時期用作自我激勵和自我修復的工具。 Re-Konnect將藝術家的心理健康和福祉體驗轉化為創造性的形式。

音樂和視頻將探索我們如何通過文字,聲音和視覺效果的結合,重新“自我”,以創造積極的能量,並在挑戰性的生活環境中轉變身心健康,內心的和平與和諧。該項目旨在鼓勵他人為自己花費“ 5分鐘”。




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Is a series of atmospheric music compositions presented with image and video, which can be used as a tool for self motivation and self healing in this period of COVID-19 and beyond.

 Re-Konnect puts into a creative form the artist’s experiences of mental health and wellbeing.


The music and videos explore ways that we can “Re-Konnect” to ourselves using a combination of word, sound and visuals to create a positive energy and a shift in the mind for well being, inner peace and harmony, in challenging life situations. The project aims to encourage others to take “5 minutes” for themselves.

Re-Konnect is an online space to help others who are looking to achieve a more balanced and deeper connection in their lives, for everyone of any age and background.


Connecting to nature and to the heart the project makes use of the ancient African Nyabinghi rhythm as the heart beat of the music and includes sound inspirations from other cultures of the world.